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Digital Radiography:
        Digital radiography is designed to make taking X-rays simpler and safer, up to 90% less radiation to the patient. 

Types of Anesthesia:

       Anesthesia for children can make dental treatment a comfortable experience.  It allows parents to choose the treatment recommended rather than making non-optimal choices due to a child's fear and anxiety.  It also reduces the stress of treatment for patients who gag easily. 

  • Local Anesthesia:
    • Local anesthesia is the administering of an anesthetic that causes a temporary numbness to the tongue, lip and face it can last 2-3 hours.  We have available OraVerse that can speed up the reversal of numbness.  It is administered in the same way the anesthetic is given.
  • Nitrous Oxide:
    • Nitrous oxide sedation is of great benefit in relieving anxiety.  It works well on children who are anxious but cooperative.  An uncooperative child will often not allow the mask to be placed over the nose.  It also requires a child of sufficient age to understand what is happening during the procedure.

  • Intravenous Sedation:
    • Intravenous sedation has the advantage of the procedure being controllable and readily reversible.  Children remain in a sleep state, resulting from the use of intravenous anesthetics, through the procedure in a safe, controlled and monitored setting.

  • General Anesthesia:
    • General anesthesia is an ambulatory procedure done in the operating room at Staten Island University Hospital.  Inhalation gases and intravenous anesthetics are administered throughout the procedure.  The children are continually monitored in a controlled setting. 


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